Tech to keep you safe

Shebah’s tech is all about safety. You’ll always know exactly where your car is and who is behind the wheel, with unique identifiers for each rider and driver.
Riders will be able to identify each car by its colour and rego, with a supplied photo and phone number of the driver making communication easy.
Parents of junior riders are encouraged to use FaceTime with their kids if anyone is anxious at any stage, and capsules and toddler seats can be pre-booked via the app.


Shebah makes your next trip safe and easy

Call or chat with your driver, know there is a friendly woman driver behind the wheel, and cancel at anytime.

Getting a safe ride is easy as 1,2,3.

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  1. 1 Set your location and request a ride
  2. 2 We'll notify you when your ride is arriving
  3. 3 With our app there's no cash necessary

Safety is a priority

Book a ride
in a tap
Instant booking is convenient, simple and fast.
Extra safety
All of our drivers have undertaken extensive background searches and safety checks to create a safer alternative for passengers.
All women
A new community of modern women helping one another getting where they need to go.

Who can ride with Shebah?

All the time:

All-women and girls.

School children – kids of all genders aged 0 – 13.

Women with disabilities.

Mums and bubs (booster seats and baby capsules available – please request through the app or give us a call).

Elderly women.

And these are the scenarios in which boys and men can use our service:

Primary school boys aged 13 and under can travel anytime.

Boys over 13, but under 18, can travel to and from school, and/or be taken to extracurricular activities following school pickup. The cut-off time for unaccompanied boys of this age bracket is 5pm, weekends included.

Boys under 18 can travel any time if accompanied by their mother or a female guardian.

A man travelling with his female partner, and child in need of a baby or booster seat, can ride in a Shebah. This is only applicable if the ride has been pre-booked via the ‘Schedule Later’ app feature, and the driver is aware and has agreed to the circumstances.

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