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Why you should drive with Shebah


Keep 85% of your fares

Other rideshare apps only let you keep 75% of your earnings, Shebah gives you 85% of the fare


Work safe

Enjoy the peace of mind of working in a safe, all female environment 


Support Women

We’re a proud network of incredible women making a difference every day

Meet your Shebah sisters

Find out why our amazing drivers and passengers have joined our all women movement and why you should too. 


If you meet all the below, you can start your driver application. Vroom vroom!

You must:
– Be at least 21 years old;
– Have, and be confident using, a smart phone;
– Be able to confidently and comfortably speak English;
– Hold an unrestricted Australian driver’s licence;
– Have, or be prepared to set up, an ABN (registered for GST); and
– Have access to a four-door car in great condition.
It can cost as little as $210 to become a Shebah driver! However prices may vary from state to state so check the individual costs of the accreditations and licenses associated with the state you will be operating in.
As a rideshare driver, you are considered an independent contractor and not an employee of the rideshare operator. This means, although you do not receive the same affordances as an employee, there are many benefits to being an independent contractor. Independent contractors are individuals in business for themselves; they don’t work for a boss. They are the boss. Being in business for yourself, looks like:
1. Flexibility – You can work the hours you want to fit your schedule. There is no pressure, and you can earn money around any other of your hundreds of responsibilities
2. Be your own boss – Being a Shebah Driver gives YOU control of your working hours and location, along with job security
3. No Tax Withholding – The payment you receive as an independent contractor does not have any federal or state income tax withheld. However, you must instead pay these taxes on your personal income tax return*.
4. Deduct your business expenses – All the expenses you incur running your own business as a Shebah driver are deductible as business expenses in your tax return*.

*Empower yourself and seek independent financial advice. In fact, if you sign up as a Shebah driver, you get 30mins of independent financial advice for free!
When you become a Shebah driver, one of the first things you create is your Stripe account which is connected directly to your Shebah trips. Stripe is a payment gateway not unlike PayPal, through which you manage your fares – including into which account you have, and even the frequency of those funds coming through.
Absolutely! We do not mandate hours or trip numbers to our drivers. This means you are free to drive when you like, and where you like (within your state or territory). Remember, this is YOUR business.
Shebah HQ is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and we are accessible by phone and email. We also have a lovely network of experienced drivers you can connect with directly! We provide you with support for our App, with your driver documentation, as well as look after all your queries related to rideshare legislation across the country. We exist to provide you with a simplified path to running your own business as a rideshare driver. Shebah is an App gateway so you can drive your passengers legally, and make money doing it!

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