How do I book a ride for my child/ren?

By Georgina McEncroe Wed, Jun 26th, 2019

How do I book a ride for my child/ren?

Our drivers must receive instructions from parent or legal guardian to drive the little ones. The account holder (an adult) must make the booking on behalf of their child and be available and in contact with the driver.

If you need to make an instant booking once your child is with the driver, you can. The driver will contact you when they’re at the location with your child, and you can book the trip. Because the app works by location, the driver (your driver) nearest to the pick up location will get your booking request first and they can accept that way.

If your child has a phone, you can share your account. This way the child can make the instant booking on meeting the driver, the driver can contact you to let you know she’s got them, and you can watch on your app as the ride takes place.

You can also make Advance Bookings of course! And the rule still stands:

The driver can only take instruction from a parent or guardian, and they must have direct access to the account holder.