Can boys or men use this service at all?

By Georgina McEncroe Mon, Jul 10th, 2017

Can boys or men use this service at all?


There are three scenarios in which boys and men can use our service.

  1. Boys under 18 can travel unaccompanied in the following contexts:
    • Primary aged boys under the age of 13 can travel anytime
    • Boys over 13, but under 18, can travel to and from school, and/or be taken to extracurricular activities following school pickup. The cut-off time for unaccompanied boys of this age bracket is 5pm, weekends included.
  2. Boys under 18 can travel any time if accompanied by their mother or a female guardian.
  3. A man travelling with his female partner, and baby in need of a baby seat or child in need of a booster seat (4–8 years old), can ride in a shebah. This is only applicable if the ride has been pre-booked via the ‘Schedule Later’ app feature, and the driver is aware and has agreed to the circumstances.

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