Our Charities

Whenever you ride in a Shebah, you will make a difference. You’ll make a difference to women experiencing homelessness. You’ll help young people learn about respectful relationships. You’ll help people struggling with anxiety and depression after the birth of a child.

As long as we operate, Shebah will donate one per cent of all fares to charity.

The charities we support are charities we are personally invested in. They’re charities that have helped people we love, or address issues that have plagued people we love. We hope to make this a living list. It’s a way to keep that love in circulation.

The Respectful Relationships Program

The Respectful Relationships Program is the brainchild of Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault, or NCASA. Its goal is to reduce the incidence of sexual assault and gender-based violence in school communities and beyond.

The program works with schools and their students. It creates safe spaces for young people to discuss relationships, consent and communication. It helps them develop respectful relationships by building understanding of the social factors that contribute to family and sexual violence, and enhancing their capacity to challenge and prevent it. It also helps secondary schools develop the capacity to respond to sexual assault.



PANDA stands for Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia. The charity supports women, men and families across Australia to recover from perinatal anxiety and depression, a serious illness that affects around 100,000 Australian families every year.

Perinatal anxiety and depression is common, has many faces and does not discriminate – it can affect anyone, and have devastating consequences for individuals and families if left untreated. PANDA runs Australia’s only National Helpline that supports new and expecting mums and dads affected by anxiety and depression, and also works to raise awareness in the community, including the signs to look for and where to go to seek support.

Women’s Housing Limited

Women’s Housing Limited focuses on the basic rights of women and their children to secure safe and affordable housing.

We listen to women’s experiences, and act as their voice in the housing sector. We also develop, build and manage a range of housing options for single women and women and children. Women who are experiencing homelessness can call us for advice.

Domestic and family violence is the major driver of homelessness, and escaping family violence is the most common reason people seek help from homelessness services. Without a safe place to call home, no victim of family violence can help to rebuild her life or the lives of her children.


SheWorks provides placement and post-placement services to businesses seeking to attract and retain quality female employees.

With access to a diverse candidate pool of over 22,000 work-ready women, our specialist employment advisers work with you to match skilled and trained female job seekers to your business needs.

A social enterprise fully owned and operated by Fitted for Work, all profits from SheWorks go directly back into Fitted for Work enabling more women to access its programs and services. Buying from a social enterprise is one of simplest and most effective ways of generating social value that can help break the cycle of disadvantage. Organisations that work with us receive quality employment services while also demonstrating leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility, showing their employees and customers that they have a genuine commitment to helping women obtain work and create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

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