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No. Shebah is a privately owned Australian company founded by George McEncroe.

Yes, Shebah is unapologetically a female service. That means all women are welcome.

You can request a Shebah anywhere in our coverage areas anytime.  Drop off locations can be oustide the pick up coverage zone.  If you want to make a regular booking outside the coverage area please email passengersupport@shebah.com.au to discuss options.




There are three scenarios in which boys and men can use our service.

  1. Boys under 12 can travel unaccompanied.
  2. Boys under 18 can travel if accompanied by their mother or a female guardian.
  3. A man travelling with his female partner, and baby in need of a baby capsule or toddler in need of a booster seat, can ride in a Shebah en route to or from the airport or hospital. This is only applicable if the ride has been pre-booked on our Facebook Bookings page (see below) and the driver is aware and has agreed to the circumstances.

Our drivers are contract workers and we respect their right to maintain their cars and avoid allergic reactions etc…BUT if you call your driver or ask on our booking page we can usually find a pet lover to transport a clean well cared for pet. With a crate, basket or blanket as appropriate of course.

We would love it if you would.  Until our app has the functionality for this we have been using state based Facebook groups to join up riders and drivers.  Smart women and social media can achieve anything. Cancellations with less than 1 hours notice incur a $15.00 cancellation fee.  Our drivers treat these bookings as sacred.

Please join either our QLD Group, the NSW Group or the VIC Group. 

[Don’t forget to join interstate groups for your airport pickups when you travel.]

At no time does Shebah have access to your personal financial details. These details are held by Stripe, an external financial company trusted by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Target and Adidas.



You will keep 85% of your fares, and your fares are inclusive of GST. We have different rates for different peak and off peak times.

At Shebah we prioritise our driver’s and passenger’s safety and well-being above all else, and that is why we strongly encourage our driver’s to have specific ride share insurance.

The team from Shielded Insurance Brokers have set up a website to assist you called InsureMyShebah.com.au or call them on 1800 97 98 99.

They are a separate business to Shebah, and neither party receives financial compensation from the other for this affiliation, or warrants the service of the other.

No, it’s completely up to you. If you decide you no longer wish to drive for Shebah, please let us know, and we’ll take you off our list.

Yes – please do. As we identify a sufficient pool of drivers in new areas we will switch on the app there.

Please use the big green button, top right, and register your details so we can stay in touch.

Go to shebah.com.au/drive and read all about it. See this blog for specifics.

You don’t have to have your own website. You just write shebah.com.au

Our policy is to cancel the trip and charge the passenger the $8.80 cancellation fee.

You bet. Kids are very vulnerable and their protection and safety is paramount. We will provide you with great sensible advice from the obvious (don’t offer them food due to allergies) to the more complex situations where you are concerned about a child’s wellbeing. Our Vulnerable Passenger policy covers every scenario and you won’t be left stranded.

If you want to pick up a child under the age of eight, you must carry a child car restraint for kids aged 4-8 years. If a child’s eyes are level with the headrest, then she/he can safely wear a sash belt. If not, that kid needs a booster.

These are completely portable and can be stored in your boot. You don’t get a fee when it’s not requested but you feel good being safe.

To pick up a child aged zero to four, you’ll need to provide a baby capsule. From birth to 6 months, the capsule needs to be rear facing, and from then to age four, it’s upright. The baby capsule needs to be bolted, and you’ll be paid an extra $11 when a passenger requests one.

Choice has a great summary of current laws.


Yes, you are an independent contractor when you drive for Shebah and you are allowed to drive for any other rideshare service you like.

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