Putting the 'Share' in Rideshare

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By Georgina McEncroe Fri, Feb 15th, 2019

Help us put the ‘Share’ in Rideshare

Join us in creating history with Shebah

Our Founder, George McEncroe, wants you to benefit from what you have helped build. You were there at the beginning and you’ve stuck by Shebah all the way. Now we’re putting the ‘share’ in rideshare, and giving you opportunity to get your own piece with our Shebah Capital Raise.

By becoming a shareholder in our rapidly growing company, you will not simply make history with us – you’ll be supporting our growth, enabling us to launch bigger and better app features, help keep our drivers driving, our riders in riding safely and investing in yourselves. What do we mean by that? Shares have the potential to increase in value so your initial small investment can grow into a long-term nest egg. But on top of that, all investors – no matter if they’re drivers or riders – will make what they’ve invested back in rider discounts and driver commissions as they continue to use the service. It’s a win-win for all!

We’re not asking for money right away, our EOI has opened on Birchal and we’re simply asking interested investors to sign up, provide some details about yourself and let us know how much you would be willing to invest.

The Shebah Cap Raise aims to solve three main issues facing women and our business today – reducing the increasing dangers women and kids are facing that are limiting their ability to live freely, maintaining earning flexibility and increasing employment opportunities for women, and improving logistics for our riders and drivers both in the app and during the ride.

The reason we need you is because we don’t want women and kids to lose the only safe option available to get from A to B. George was once asked, “If this is such a great idea, how come it hasn’t been done already?” The answer is that George just happened to do it – thousands of other women and men provided overwhelming support for this all women rideshare when George launched her GoFundMe page back in 2016. Since its inception in 2017, Shebah has seen close to 120,000 app downloads, and is currently providing flexible and independent financial freedom for nearly 3,000 women drivers.

Our biggest challenge is meeting the growing demand for our service, and that’s why George is looking to her community, who deeply understands the problem and the desire for a solution like Shebah. Shebah is a community asset, so we’re making sure the community who has stood by Shebah from the beginning are the ultimate beneficiaries of our success.

“We don’t have a common enemy, we have a common fear,” George says, “It’s time we address the fear, and create solutions that dissolve it and benefit our community at large.”

Join us and be a part of the movement that provides women a safe ride home, some extra coin in their pocket to support themselves, and will empower the freedom of the next generation of women and girls.

Join in the growth of Shebah, and enjoy being a part of our success for the long-term.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are now open to invest in Shebah.

Sign up here.

FOR MORE INFORMATION – please contact:

Melissa Kuttan, Media Advisor, Venus Comms
[email protected], 0421 722 063

Kate Taylor, Engagement Coordinator, Shebah
[email protected], 0438 552 927

Laura Blue, Co-Founder and Director, Launchlink
[email protected]
0416 699 925

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