George's Open Letter

By Georgina McEncroe Thu, Jan 17th, 2019

George's Open Letter

An open letter

When I first started Shebah, there were many reasons for its conception. I wanted to create a way for women to earn a steady income on her own terms and in her own hours. I also wanted to help other women like myself have a reliable transport option to help take the stress out of their mentally overloaded and busy lives.

But as a newly divorced single mother – safety for myself and my children was first and paramount. More often than not in the news these days, I continue to see this thrown to the wayside by other operators and it is maddening.

I want to reassure all Shebah drivers and passengers – you are at the forefront of my mind all the time. Your safety is my safety. Your needs are my needs. I reflect upon this often and what our team of dedicated drivers can do better by Shebah passengers by listening to their stories.

I know that Shebah’s incredible value is in its community. Together, we have created a bond of safety and trust by going above and beyond a transport medium. We work together as a collective to meet the specific needs of our passengers and their schedules. Our drivers are committed to do right by you at every km of the journey – and then to do more. At Shebah HQ, we are deeply grateful for this and each and every one of you.

Passengers can relax knowing they are protected by Shebah’s strictly vetted female-only driver hiring policies. We are the only ride-share in Australia to require Working with Children Checks. Rides with us will always remain safe, certain and secure.

Safety is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. Make it a priority. It is and will continue to be ours.

George McEncroe

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