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By Georgina McEncroe Fri, May 18th, 2018


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Is Shebah owned by Uber?


No, Shebah is a privately owned Australian company founded by George McEncroe.


Is Shebah trans friendly?


Yes, Shebah is unapologetically a female service. That means all women are welcome.

Folks who feel they may be able to access traditional male privileges in regards to transport safety should consider this before choosing to use Shebah. We don’t endeavour to judge a person’s gender simply by appearance, but are limited by the nature of the app. We trust our drivers and riders to use their discretion when deciding if Shebah is an appropriate choice for them.


Where can Shebah take me to and from?


You can request a Shebah anywhere in our coverage areas anytime. Drop off locations can be outside the pick up coverage zone. If you want to make a regular booking outside the coverage area please email [email protected] to discuss options.

Can boys or men use this service at all?


There are three scenarios in which boys and men can use our service.

  1. Boys under 18 can travel unaccompanied in the following contexts:
    • Primary aged boys under the age of 13 can travel anytime
    • Boys over 13, but under 18, can travel to and from school, and/or be taken to extracurricular activities following school pickup. The cut-off time for unaccompanied boys of this age bracket is 5pm, weekends included.
  2. Boys under 18 can travel any time if accompanied by their mother or a female guardian.
  3. A man travelling with his female partner, and baby in need of a baby seat or child in need of a booster seat (4–8 years old), can ride in a shebah. This is only applicable if the ride has been pre-booked via the ‘Schedule Later’ app feature, and the driver is aware and has agreed to the circumstances.

Can I take pets?


Our drivers are contract workers and we respect their right to maintain their cars and avoid allergic reactions etc…BUT if you call or message your driver to ask them when making the booking, we can usually find a pet lover to transport a clean well cared for pet. With a crate, basket or blanket as appropriate of course.


Can I book a Shebah in advance?


Yes! You can book a trip up to 2 weeks before the scheduled pick-up time, a minimum of two hours ahead.

Once you’ve downloaded the Shebah passenger app and entered your pick-up and destination points, you’ll see the option to schedule later or request now. There is a $2 booking fee for advance bookings.

For a more detailed guide to advance booking, take a look at the video below.


What happens to my personal financial information when I register for the app?


At no time does Shebah have access to your personal financial details. These details are held by Stripe, an external financial company trusted by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Target and Adidas.


How much does a Shebah trip cost?


Shebah’s rates vary based on the state you take your trip in, but the minimum fare, cancellation fee and baby seat charge are the same across Australia. We include GST in our fares, and 85% of every fare goes straight to your driver.

There is a $2 booking fee for advance bookings. See ‘Can I book a shebah trip in advance?’ for more information.

The passenger fare is calculated as: base rate + (cost per minute × time in ride) + (cost per km × ride distance).

In Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and WA, the base rate is $3.30 in off peak times, and $3.63 in peak times.

In NSW and the A.C.T, the base rate is $4.13 in off peak times, and $4.54 in peak times.

Your fare will include tolls if the trip goes through a toll road. If you wish to take a route that avoids tolls, please let your driver know.

Peak periods are: 6am – 9am and 4pm- 7pm Monday-Friday, Friday 10pm – Saturday 6am, and Saturday 6pm – Sunday 6am.


Is there surge pricing?


No – Shebah has peak and off-peak times, but will never utilise surge pricing.

Peak times are: 6am – 9am and 4pm- 7pm Monday-Friday, Friday 10pm – Saturday 6am, and Saturday 6pm – Sunday 6am. If you’d like to know the difference in peak and off-peak rates, check out ‘How much does a Shebah trip cost?’.


How do I pay for a Shebah trip?


There is no cash handling involved with Shebah – all fares are calculated and charged via the app.

Before you book your first trip you’ll be asked to add a Visa or MasterCard to your account. The app will put a temporary hold for $2 through to your account when you enter them, but don’t worry! This is only to check that your card is valid.

When you book a Shebah, the app puts a hold on the estimated fare cost. If the trip ends up being less expensive than the estimate, you will be refunded the difference. If the trip ends up costing more than the estimate, we will refund you the amount that was initially held and put through a new charge. As a result, there may be times when it appears as if two charges were made for one trip; however, the first charge will be fully refunded to your account.

Do cancellation fees apply?


A cancellation fee of $8.80 or $9.90 (state dependent) applies if you cancel more than 5 minutes after creating an instant booking. This is to cover the driver’s time and petrol spent heading to you.

If you cancel an advance booking within an hour of your scheduled departure time, you will be charged $15.00 plus GST and the $2 booking fee, which comes to a total of $18.50.

And because we are fair here at Shebah, we also charge drivers a fee for cancelling an advance booking close to departure time. It’s a two way street at Shebah.



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