Shebah - New South Wales

Sydneysiders your Shebah is ready!

By Georgina McEncroe Tue, Mar 21st, 2017

NSW – Start your engines!

Welcome Sydney peeps!

For those of you not yet in our Facebook Booking Group – may I suggest joining today. This is where you can get in touch with a driver in advance, so she will be nearby when you are ready to hit Request Ride in our app.

Of course not every ride can be pre-booked – so always keep the app open to see the drivers online in your area and grab one nearby.  Our app has coverage all across Sydney, right out to Penrith and over the main airports.

What are the Shebah rates for NSW?

Drivers receive 85% of each Rideshare fare (inclusive of GST).  1% of Shebah’s cut is given to our charities. 

The Rideshare passenger fare equation is: Base rate + (cost per minute x time in ride) + (cost per km x ride distance) = passenger fare

Our fares are divided between Peak and Off-peak pricing. No Surge.Ever.

Peak periods are Week Days: 6am – 9am; 4pm- 7pm, Friday and Saturday 10pm – 6am. 

Off-peak fare cost (inclusive of GST):

Base rate: $4.13

Per minute: $0.55

Per km: $1.51

Peak fare cost (inclusive of GST):

Base rate: $4.54

Per minute: $0.61

Per km: $1.66

Extras – Peak & Off Peak (inclusive of GST)

Child seat : $11.00

Cancellation fee: $8.80


Looking to earn more moula as a driver?  Why not!

There is lots of information about driving with us.  And for NSW specifically you need:

You can find out more from this fact sheet.

The amount drivers see displayed on their screen at the end of each trip is the amount that they have earned.  Currently tolls are payable by the driver, however very soon Shebah fares will include toll costs.

Ladies of NSW – let’s roll!

Help us grow, spread the word.