How much does a Shebah trip cost?

By Georgina McEncroe Wed, Aug 30th, 2017

How much does a Shebah trip cost?

Shebah’s rates vary based on the state you take your trip in, but the minimum fare, cancellation fee and baby seat charge are the same across Australia. We include GST in our fares, and 85% of every fare goes straight to your driver.

The passenger fare is calculated as: base rate + (cost per minute × time in ride) + (cost per km × ride distance).

The base rate is $3.30 in Victoria, WA and Queensland, and $4.13 in New South Wales.

Peak times are 6am–9am and 4pm–7pm Monday through Friday, as well as 10pm–6am on Friday nights and 6pm–6am on Saturday nights.

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