How do I pay for a Shebah trip?

By Georgina McEncroe Tue, Feb 06th, 2018

How do I pay for a Shebah trip?

There is no cash handling involved with Shebah – all fares are calculated and charged via the app.

Before you book your first trip you’ll be asked to add a Visa or MasterCard to your account. The app may put a temporary hold for $2 through to your account when you enter them, but don’t worry! This is only to check that your card is valid.

When you book a Shebah, by selecting ‘Request Now’, the app puts a hold on the estimated fare cost. If the trip ends up being less expensive than the estimate, you will be refunded the difference. If the trip ends up costing more than the estimate, we will refund you the amount that was initially held and put through a new charge. As a result, there may be times when it appears as if two charges were made for one trip; however, the first charge will be fully refunded to your account.

When making an advance booking, this hold takes place when your driver is on her way to pick you up.

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