“Most men will be really happy that women they know can be safe and comfortable.”

In which the Townsville Bulletin welcomes Shebah to town, and George makes the point that there is no need for men to be in the least concerned.

By Georgina McEncroe Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

The Townsville Bulletin welcomes Shebah

Shebah continues to expand. This time, it’s beautiful, sunny Townsville.

George is often asked why Shebah doesn’t offer services to men. She explained that women are under-represented in the taxe and rideshare industry — only four per cent of Australian taxi drivers and ten per cent of Uber drivers are women. Shebah offers an alternative to that.

And, as George points out, “No man will be less safe and no man’s day will be disturbed”.

Townsville’s Fox FM also covered our soft launch.

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