And the winner is ... Shebah!

By Georgina McEncroe Mon, Jul 10th, 2017

And the winner is . . . Shebah!

Startup Victoria hosted Social Impact Pitch Night last Tuesday, and guess what – WE WON!!!

Out of 50 submissions, the judges narrowed it down to four fantastic startups that are changing the status quo of how businesses address the needs of communities they serve. Diverse City Careers, Limbr, Enabler Interactive and Shebah all gave pitches to a packed room, and we are thrilled to have been considered alongside these impactful innovators.

Given the challenges these startups are taking on, you can imagine how proud we were (and still are!) to be selected as the winner by the judges:

  • Susan Wu, investor/entrepreneur
  • Peter Cameron, Giant Leap Fund
  • Morgan Ranieri, YourGrocer
  • Matt Allen, Amazon Web Services
  • Amanda Miller, Impact Generation Partners.

Having only launched four months ago, it’s great to have our work recognised – that includes your work, riders and drivers!

This win comes just weeks after winning gold in the 2017 Tech Design Awards’ tech travel category. We can’t lie. It’s pretty great to win gold.

We are so excited to continue this startup journey and see who else we meet along the way.

Onward and upward.

Ladies, let’s roll!

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