Lost and reunited

By Georgina McEncroe Wed, Mar 15th, 2017

Lost and reunited

Every now and then we leave something behind in a car. Don’t panic if you do.

A Shebah driver will take a photo of any lost phones, earrings, bags …and contact the office with a screen shot of what has been found in her car and we will have a record of your trip with us. You will also have the name of your driver and the time of your trip on your passenger app.

At Shebah HQ we can then make an arrangement for the missing item to be returned to you. Of course we strongly urge both passengers and drivers to scan the car at the end of each trip to ensure you’ve got all your belongings. And on a busy night there might be lots of women in and out of a car, but we will do our level best to reunite you with beloved phones and precious bags.

We know that sinking feeling all too well.

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