Open letter from Founder and CEO George McEncroe

Shebah has taken off in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, Western Australia, and South Australia.

Created by women for women.

Conceived and built in Australia, Shebah is a new ridesharing app designed to help women flourish as earners, carers and social butterflies. At every stage, every age, and every hour, Shebah is here to help.

Why is Shebah queen of the road?

Extended safety checks

We conduct rigorous safety and background checks so your safety is assured.

You're in control

Have peace of mind that you control the ride every step of the way.

A strong community

We’re a proud network of motivated women determined to make a difference.

Child car seats

With many of our cars fitted with child and baby seats, you can safely take your little ones with you.

Scheduled bookings in app now!

Passengers can now make in-app ride requests, as well as choose a ‘schedule later’ option. This allows pre-bookings to be made, a minimum of 2 hours in advance, and up to two weeks ahead.


The first one percent of all fares goes to charities.

Ride with Shebah, make a difference

Shebah donates one per cent of all fares to charities. 
Here’s a bit more about the charities we support.





The Respectful Relationships Program is the brainchild of Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault, or NCASA. Its goal is to reduce the incidence of sexual assault and gender-based violence in school communities and beyond.




PANDA stands for Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia. The charity supports women, men and families across Australia to recover from perinatal anxiety and depression, a serious illness that affects around 100,000 Australian families every year.




Women’s Housing Limited focuses on the basic rights of women and their children to secure safe and affordable housing. We listen to women’s experiences, and act as their voice in the housing sector.




SheWorks provides placement and post-placement services to businesses seeking to attract and retain quality female employees. A social enterprise fully owned and operated by Fitted for Work, all profits from SheWorks go directly back into Fitted for Work enabling more women to access its programs and services.

We want guaranteed safety for all passengers, equal opportunity for our drivers, and comfortable rides that raise the industry standard

George McEncroe
Shebah Founder

Together we can change the
ridesharing industry for the better

Shebah has a committed community of empowered members looking to improve the industry for everyone. We’ve been working since May 2016 to create a new type of rideshare that keeps women safe.

Help us grow, spread the word.